My Favorite Apps for OS X

Posted on November 6th, 2005 @ 10:05 PM EST

Web Browser

SafariSafari is the default web browser that ships with OS X and it is extremely powerful. There are many great browsers to choose from on OS X, but I usually end up going back and forth between this and Camino.

Font Management

FontAgent ProMy font manager of choice is FontAgent Pro. One feature that not only saves time but helps save some memory on your machine is font auto-activation. If an OS X application asks for a font, such as opening a PSD file, the font will be opened if it hasn’t already been activated. I have tried many different font management programs and this is by far the best. However, I’ve read a lot of good reviews about FontExplorerX and I’d like to try it out sometime.


TransmitTransmit takes FTP to the next level on OS X. It allows you to make server-to-server transfers, upload your files by draffing them to the dock, and allows you to set favorites that are similar to Safari. After I switched to using Macs three years ago, I tried out several different FTP clients. I’ve been very happy with it ever since and haven’t felt the need to try out any others.

News Reader

NewsFireNewsFire is a nice and simple news reader that has a clean look to it. I previously used NetNewsWire as my default aggregator but I like how NewsFire isn’t as bloated and it also has a couple of nice features that NetNewsWire doesn’t have. It also supports Growl notifications so I can get a brief summary of new stories without having to click on Newsfire to read them.

Text Editor

TextmateTextmate is an inexpensive text editor that is packed with many different features that make a web developer happy. It supports many different scripting languages including XHTML, CSS, PHP, and even Ruby on Rails. I especially like the dynamic file outline that appears along the side of the main window.

Icon Customization

CandyBarI like to change my icons around from time to time and by using CandyBar, it enables me to do this. If you’re tired of seeing the exact same icons on your screen all of the time, be sure to check it out then head on over to Pixelgirl to pick out some cool icon sets.

Screen Captures

Paparazzi!If you ever need to take a full screen capture of an entire page Paparazzi! is your answer. Just enter the URL and save the image to a PNG file with the click of a button. It’s too bad the built-in screen capture utility for Mac doesn’t have the ability to do this.

Time Tracking

KhronosI like to keep track of the amount of time that I spend on all of my projects. Khronos is an effective project timer and best of all is free. It even has the ability to print invoices and export to various spreadsheet applications.

Wireframe Creation

MyMindA wireframe is a great way to visualize the architecture of a website before it is created to see how it is structured. MyMind is a utility that lets you build graphical representations of your site with ease.

Photo Management

iPhotoiPhoto is excellent for managing photos that are taken on a digital camera. It automatically loads when a digital camera is plugged in and allows you to create separate libraries. If you have a Flickr account, then you have to be sure to use FlickrExport which enables you to upload your photos directly from iPhoto to Flickr.


SidenoteSidenote is an advanced note taking utility which is designed to be available whenever you need it. Just move your mouse to the side of the screen and it instantly appears. This comes in handy when having to make a quick note about something then you can always read it later by moving your mouse or you can tack it on the screen so it won’t disappear.

Netflix Rentals

Netflix FreakNetflix Freak has a very clean look and enables you to completely manage your Netflix account directly through the application. No more having to click on lots of pages the find the movie you want or modify your queue. If you subscribe to Netflix this is a definate must have.

Video in iTunes 6

Posted on October 12th, 2005 @ 4:44 PM EST

Video in iTunes 6

Apple released iTunes 6 today, which includes support for videos. Over 2,000 music videos and select TV shows can now be purchased through the iTunes music store. Each video costs $1.99, which is certainly worth the price to be able to download high-quality TV shows that have the commercials edited out. I can see this being useful when my TiVo ends up missing a show that I regularly watch. Usually, I’d end up missing the show since many of them don’t come on again until long after the season has ended.